I produce mostly narrative podcasts, and sometimes produce in other formats, including for standalone packages and documentaries. Here’s a short portfolio of my work. 

Prehistoric Planet: The Official Podcast (Apple/BBC Natural History Unit)

Companion podcast to the celebrated TV show, using music stems from Hans Zimmer

How do scientists decide on the looks, sounds and behaviors of animals that went extinct 66 million years ago? That, and groundbreaking paleo climate modeling are explored in episode 3 of the Prehistoric Planet podcast. Listen to all episodes here

Role: Lead producer, including sound designing episodes 3 and 4

Climate Fight: The world's biggest negotiation (The Conversation)
Behind the scenes of one of the biggest international climate deals in history - the only podcast team to get into the plenary room on the last day of COP26 negotiations
In the last episode of this five-part series, we take you behind the COP26 negotiations in Glasgow. There, 197 countries with different needs meet to decide the future of the planet. And there's no vote. All issues must be taken by consensus. How did this come together to decide the Glasgow climate pact? Listen to the five-part series here.

Role: Series producer

Torn (BBC Radio 4)

“You were staking out genuinely original narrative history here: both in terms of the depth of the research, and the telling, which felt really modern.” - Dan Clarke, BBC Commissioner

"Torn" unpicks the hidden histories behind what we wear. Listen to episode 8 here, which traces the history of the mini skirt. The media, parents and feminists can never agree on whether mini skirts are a good thing, but this political bombshell has continued in fashion trends since the '60s. Listen to the full series here.


Role: Producer of episodes 4 to 8

Age of Extinction podcast episodes (The Guardian)
The most important stories of our ecological crisis
 In part one of this two part series we learn about the lesser known victims of wildlife trafficking. Listen to part 2 here.

Role: Producer, including sound design

Gerald and the giant vegetables (BBC World Service)
An intimate visit to the garden of the King of Big Veg
The septuagenarian Gerald Stratford is the internet's wholesome escape. His gardening posts on Twitter bring people happiness during the pandemic. I visited his garden for this mini doc. Hear his thoughts on love, fame and fulfilment. Listen to full BBC Outlook episode

MP3 BBC Outlook-Gerald Stratford-Tiffany Cassidy.mp3

Role: Producer and presenter, including sound design

Protests over gold mine in Romania, Radio Report (CBC's The World This Weekend)
Protests erupt in Romania over developments from a Canadian-listed mining company. Environmental and political concerns stall the development in the village of Rosia Montana.

CBC The World This Weekend Romanian Gold Mine.mp3

Role: Reporter

Personal recording kit: Zoom H5N, AT897 shotgun mic, 2 Rode reporter omnidirectional mics (comfortable with rented/company kit)

Editing software I own, in order of use preference: Reaper, ProTools, Audition, Cubase

Tiffany Cassidy is a freelance journalist and audio producer.
Tape Sync Oxford, Audio Producer Oxford, Podcast Producer Oxford

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