A young Roma women crouches beside the wood stove in her house while smoking a cigarette. She wears a scarf over her head, a long skirt, and a bulky sweater.
Sara, a Roma woman in Bucharest starts each morning with a fire made from wood and plastic bags. Once she finishes her morning routine, she heads out to beg for food and money. See full photo documentary on Sara here.  (Photo by Tiffany Cassidy) 

Six firefighters pull someone out of a damaged vehicle. Light snow is on the ground.
Spot news: A collision in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan calls rescuers to the scene. (Photo by Tiffany Cassidy)

John Kerry forms the centre of a huddle in the final hours of COP26 negotiations. (Photo by Tiffany Cassidy) Photo uploaded to creative commons here.

Students hold signs that say
Students protest tuition fees outside First Nations University of Canada. (Photo by Tiffany Cassidy)

Two camels with saddles on their backs stand in front of the dark orange sand dunes in Morocco.
Camels wait in the sun before the next round of tourists ride them in Merzouga, Morocco. (Photo by Tiffany Cassidy)

A young boy lays on the couch reading a French-language picture book while his father sits behind him smiling.
Francis Marchildon reads to his son in French every night to keep their language alive. (Photo by Tiffany Cassidy)

A First Nations dancer wears a colourful outfit and head piece and dances under a large tent at a pow wow.
Dancers perform at a Saskatchewan pow wow. (Photo by Tiffany Cassidy)

A woman smiles through wooden slats of her loom. She weaves white strands of yarn.
Kate Michalska weaves the wool that she grows and spins on her farm. (Photo by Tiffany Cassidy)

A man stands between trees looking out into a flooded plain that is full of rubble from recent moving floods. The image is by Tiffany Cassidy and is to illustrate a magazine story called the Mayor of Nowhere
The Crow Magazine

The story image shows a small child on a trampoline while two women help strap him in to a series of bungee chords. The headline says
The Globe and Mail

Colourful buildings stand on either side of a river at sunset. The image by Tiffany Cassidy and is in the Washington Post in a story about housing.
The Washington Post

The story image shows a man in a room with a series of seed packages. The headline says
Prairie's North Magazine

A young girl sticks her tongue out and reaches over at a chess timer to mark the end of her turn. This image is in the Star Phoenix newspaper in a story by Tiffany Cassidy about young chess players.
The Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Tiffany Cassidy is a freelance journalist in Oxford, UK. 

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